Secure, clean self storage units at a competitive price

We encourage you to check for the best price when shopping -- it's what we would do. Just be sure you're comparing apples to apples. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Is their advertised price before taxes or after? Our prices INCLUDE all taxes and fees. So there's a 5% GST difference to consider.

  • Are there any one-time administration fees charged or do you have to purchase their locks or their insurance? Our prices include all fees and you can provide your own lock (though we can sell you one if you need one). Most homeowner or tenant insurance will cover storage contents, so talk to the insurance company -- they are the experts and you don't need an "up-sell" from us.

  • What is their price per square foot? Our units are 20% bigger than many others because they are generally 12 feet deep rather than the more common 10 feet. So, while their prices might look like less, you're also getting less.

Let's do a quick example. Our 10x12 units are $140 -- final price. Let's look at a competitor listing their 10x10 for $115/month. That $25 savings sounds great. But add GST and then the difference in size and you're suddenly paying more with them ($1.21/sq ft compared to our $1.17) - that's the equivalent of $145/month for our 120 square foot unit. The difference can be even greater when their price is $120, $125 or more.

When you're looking for a smaller unit, that 20% difference in size may be irrelevant -- you're just wanting a small unit. But when you're needing space to store things, you want all you can get at the most reasonable price. That's when you want to make sure you talk to us. And don't forget our huge discounts if you need to rent multiple units.

We're happy to talk about any questions or concerns you might have, so don't hestitate to call!